Beglika Festival 2018 ‘10 Steps Along the Way’`

A nature festival in the middle of the mountains, it has been an exceptional experience as a jubilee one.
The program spread in the last week of August this year.
Ecologic presumptions could be seen anywhere in the structure of the events.
Built techniques have been mainly wooden with textile as a visual divider.
No matter what the weather was, the spirits seem to stay high.
The logo is of Western capercaillie, a bird specific for that region in Bulgaria.

1…Transport: In terms of access: asphalt road+ gravel+ 3km on foot healthy as you know it.
Bus, camper, car or shared drive, maybe +a boat, these are all possible.
The info point is a time saver for any issue from chargers to traveling options.
The terrain is steep however that can only make the experience more fun and train the newcomers how to set up a tent almost anywhere.
Bringing a lot of luggage may be tricky as no matter how comfortable it is, it needs carrying , so it is your choice.

2…Accommodation: open air anywhere /lucky luxury camper or just a tent/ and stay up till the morning.
Temporary shower structures: water from the reservoir is fine, really.

3 …Activities: The water sports seemed very attractive and there is a reason why of course.
Panoramic views must be amazing on water.
Kung Fu, Yoga, Meditation, Cocoa techniques ,Juggling, Design Ideas for Interiors.. Falun Dafa and other esotheric practices..
The forum lectures feel just ok about the knowledge sharing on the event.
Cool wooden structures, the geodomes in particular.
African beat workshops took the attention, definitely.
Not to mention the Indian tribal practices- very convincing social element can be seen there.

4…Structures: wood, wood and again, wood.
As mentioned earlier, cool for the geodomes, the tents and the other self made structures.
The stage got a nice acoustics as close to the water.
Impressive half floating bar with an oven.
The small bars are all wooden and the hot spots of the event.

5…Music : Just part of the attendees: Merudiya, Ambient Folklore, Metamorfoza, KsANa, Kottarashki, Boyana Zheljazkova and many others

PS: Peace & Smile ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

In the heart of the Rhodope Mountains, in the middle of the summer, 22- 27 August 2018 is coming Beglika Festival. An art-music one that has been held annually in the last years.

An art-music distraction from the daily routine through nature.

‘Ten Steps Along the Way’ is the slogan of this year’s event. It includes zero waste kind of thinking, which makes the initiative sustainable. What is more it has educational activities for the visitors.


11 Aug 2017

Photographic Life Writing

Process Space 2017 : ‘Placeholders'
The space object of the box is transferred to a place containing element. By reopening and adjusting the pieces ,reconnected they can be perceived as sittingmats or framed planes. Panoramas picked from Ruse Danube river waterfront and the Former Music School in the city are collected as selections for identity specifics of the mentioned urban zone. As the water in the river is never the same, places or spaces, too. The photographs are mirror transferred on the so called canvases. Acrylics and spraypaint to cover are used. Moreover to the recycling part of the exploration is a collection of cases.

Creative Media

Process Space

Croatia, Split

Tobacco City

EASA @ Valetta, Malta